Available Goldendoodle Puppies in San Diego CA

Our Goldendoodles are medium and standard size.
We do not have minis.

UPDATED Friday, Dec 2, 2022

Doodle puppies for sale in San Diego California

To adopt a puppy, review our website then call Yvette at: (619) 609-8274

Available Goldendoodle Puppies

Paisley and Leo's puppies were born Oct 26. Medium F1b, puppies will be ready for pick up December 20th. Yay! Just in time for Christmas!
Paisley weighs 60 lbs and Leo weighs 36 lbs so their average is 48 lbs.

Ava and Leo's puppies were just born Saturday Nov 19th. Medium size F1, puppies will be ready January 14th. Ava weighs 60 lbs and Leo weighs 36 lbs so their average is 48 lbs.

Dolly and Duke's puppies were born Nov 21st. Standard/large F1, puppies will be ready January 15th. Dolly weighs 61 lbs and Duke weighs 47 lbs so their average is 54 lbs.

Paisley's Puppies

The girls:

The boys:

Paisley's reserve list:


  1. Elaine and Nikita
  2. Elizabeth A.
  3. Carina D.
  4. Steven F.
  5. Jack and Ivy
  1. Jack and Ivy
  2. Tonya T.
  3. Heather A.
  4. Hiromy and Luis
  5. available

Ava's puppies

The 3 girls:

The 2 boys:

Ava's reserve list:
  1. Miriam W.
  2. Patricia T.
  3. available

  1. Jeffrey and Erica
  2. Danica and Hazael
"Maia" from Ava and Leo
(Ava's previous litter)

Maia was 32.5 lbs at six months old.

Laura sent us a pic of her hubby and Ciacci from Ava and Leo. At six months old he was 39 lbs.

Maureen sent us this beautiful pic of Kihei. She said "He's the best!" From Ava and Leo

Ava's Previous females:

Ava's previous males:

Dolly's Puppies

The boys:

The girls:

Dolly's Reserve list:

  1. Mike W. (male)
  2. Amanda C. (female)
  3. Megan R. (male)
  4. available
  5. available
  6. available
  7. available
  8. available
  9. available

A gorgeous pic of Dolly's previous litter. Aren't they just adorable?

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