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UPDATED March 28, 2020

Current Litters

Our puppies will grow to be Medium to Large Goldendoodles. We do not ever have minis/smalls.

We are currently looking forward to Duchess's F1b litter, due approximately April 13. We have accepted deposits on her litter, but will wait to accept anymore until they're born to see how many we actually have. They will be standard/large with shades of gold/dark gold/red and might weigh 50-70 lbs. Generally males are larger than females. They'll be ready for their new homes approx. June 6. Puppies are $2900 each.

Please review our website before calling, to find answers to FAQs, then feel free to call with additional questions. Thank you. tlcdoodles@yahoo.com
Please call Yvette at (619) 609-8274 . before placing a deposit

Most common answers to questions can be found on our website. About these litters specifically, we'd love to talk with you!

We have made our website very thorough to answer most questions. Rather than a written application, we prefer talking to people on the phone. We are now accepting deposits for these litters. Please call before making a deposit. We look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you.

As a part of my training with CATCH dog trainers academy, I learned proper puppy socialization. Here is a part of our fantastic puppy socialization team at work!

For deposit info please visit our Purchase Info page.

Puppy Pick-up and Choosing Your Puppy:

The puppies will be vet-checked before their pick-up days when they leave for their new loving homes. We have appointments throughout the day. You will be given approximately two weeks' notice for the first possible pick-up day. The puppy choosing process is basically a first-come, first-served system, based on when reservation deposits are placed. On occasion, factors may change the order, such as I need to choose a puppy for flying to someone, for it's vet certification. If you aren't available to come on the puppy pick-up day, you may come during the following week, but the next people on the list have the right to come ahead of you to choose and pick up their puppy. Occasionally a family can come choose their puppy but needs to pick it up a week later. This is usually fine. If you can not come that week and your puppy needs to stay a longer time, I may feel the need to charge a boarding fee.


To reserve a puppy, please call me, Yvette, at (619) 609-8274 to discuss what is still available and to have any questions answered. Then you may use the PayPal button to make your non-refundable deposit & reservation.


Our puppies are health guaranteed and we have an excellent track record with our previous customers. Check out our Photos Page to see some cute photos that our previous customers have sent us of their puppies grown up. They sure love them and have tons of fun with them! Be sure to notice the puppy's mother's name below their name to see what your puppy may look like from specific mothers.

Sizes, Colors & Fur type:

The two litters will vary in colors and full-grown size. We can not guarantee the size or color that they will become. The color they are now may change slightly as they get older. The goldendoodles' fur will be shaggy/wavy and probably low shedding.

Watch a short video of a previous litter here:

Goldendoodle puppies for sale video

Photos of previous litters: