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To Adopt one or two of our puppies, please review our website then give us a call. we can then make sure we have the type of puppy you are looking for and that you are ready for the responsibility of a new puppy. Then we can discuss the price and you can then place the deposit to reserve your puppy. The deposit is $500.00 and is applied toward the total. Deposits can be placed with Zelle or Venmo.

It is our desire that our puppies only go to homes of people who will totally love them their whole lives and care for them as tenderly as adults as they do when they are puppies. To adopt a puppy from us, please first review outlined process below. Thank you.
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What is the adoption process?

1. First, review our website to see if we might have what you're looking for and to get your questions answered and to see if we're a fit for what you're looking for. Read the Available Puppies page to learn when we next expect puppies.
2. Send an email to us, to request to be notified when we confirm a pregnancy, at approx. five weeks gestation.
3. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, we begin contacting those on the waitlist. If all available puppies are sold before I go through the whole list, then some people may not be notified. I'm sorry to disapoint some families, but we simply do not have a large number of puppies.
4. Before placing a deposit, it's necessary that you are familiar with our website and have spoken with us and gotten all remaining decision making questions answered. Then we will give you the green light to make a deposit. (A deposit is not meant to just hold your place while you think it over.)
5. When placing a deposit, it's necessary to specify which litter, if there's more than one. At the time of birth, if not sooner, it is necessary to make a firm decision on which gender you prefer. This is important so that all families that have made a deposit after you can know where they are in the queue of the gender they prefer.
6. Then We send litter pics at approximately 1,3 and 6 weeks of age. Puppy Pick-UP Day is at 8 weeks of age.

Please Note: Each family chooses their gender choice ahead of time. On the Puppy Pick-UP Day, each family comes at their own time slot to choose from however many puppies are left of their gender choice, based on order of deposits placed. We do not have families come and choose from both genders. If you happen to be the last person to place a deposit for your gender choice (which you would know at the time of placing a deposit) then there would be just one puppy when you come and there wouldn't be a choice. Additionally, when deposits are placed before birth, we can NOT know how many puppies there will be, or how many of each gender. Placing a deposit early means we may have to disappoint you at the birth and let you know we are refunding your deposit because there weren't enough puppies. We do not hold onto deposits and roll them over to future litters since that may be a long ways away.

Visit our Available Goldendoodle Puppies page to see info about any current or future litters.

Our puppies will go home with a Puppy Packet which includes:

  • A printed record of vaccines and dewormer given.
  • A copy of the veterinarian's puppy well check.
  • Info on how to register your puppy's microchip number with your name and address.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your puppy was properly socialized using techniques that TLC uses from being trained by CATCH.

Visiting Policy

"Can we come visit before the puppies are 8 weeks old?"

We very much enjoy meeting the people we have been talking to on the phone or with email, and introducing them to our puppies. But, because of the very real and serious risk of parvo virus being inadvertently brought to our home, we must be very careful about our visitor policy.

We schedule puppy pick up days when the puppies are 8 weeks old.

On Puppy Pick-up Day you will have plenty of time to play with the puppies while choosing your favorite. (If you're the last person for your gender, there will be just one puppy here.) Remember too that your balance is not due until your puppy is in your arms. You'll be delighted.

In addition to the real risk of parvo virus, we are a busy homeschooling family and we receive many inquiries each week. It simply isn't feasible to let everyone come with each inquiry. Thank you for your understanding. In the case of allergies, it is best to spend time with a goldendoodle in your acquaintance before committing to your own. They are recommended for mild allergies. If a breeder tells you they are hypoallergenic, they are either mistaken or dishonest. We have both F1 and F1B puppies. In general, usually F1 are shaggy with very low shedding and F1b are usually curly with practically no shedding.

The Deposit- Reserving a Puppy.

Thank you for your puppy inquiry! I'm glad you found us!

In order to help families make a well-thought-out decision to adopt a puppy, I have realized there a few topics people often don't give a lot of weight to or it didn't cross their minds. I'm not trying to talk you out of a puppy, but want to help prevent a surprise later. I've learned that most people know these things already and are very responsible, so this note is only for the few that might not have considered these things.

NOISE: Puppies are VERY loud if you leave them by themselves. Much louder than a newborn baby. If you put them in a kennel or play yard and they want out, they will let you know!

POOP: Poop is sometimes soft or runny and difficult to clean up. And they get upset tummies rather easily, which makes an unpleasant mess to clean up. If your home has a lot of carpet, please consider this. Additionally, though we deworm the puppies, the medicine does not work like a vaccine. The day after we or you deworm the puppies/dogs, they can get exposed to parasites right away. They are common and normal.

JUMPING: I love little children, and love the idea of children and puppies together, but I know from experience that toddlers, preschoolers and elementary ages are scared of playful puppies that jump up on them. All puppies will jump up on little children. Puppies have sharp little teeth and claws and this is also scary to young children. Please understand this.

SENIOR CITIZENS: I absolutely value our precious senior citizens. I myself am going to be in that category pretty soon. But I feel I need to mention that I've learned that sometimes seniors have a bit of trouble with the high energy of puppies and growing dogs. Since we don't have minis, our doodles can be a handful by jumping up or pulling on the leash, etc. Additionally, pups sometimes need to be let out in the middle of the night and it might feel like caring for a newborn baby. Just a couple more aspects to consider.

TRIAL BASIS: Please realize that buying a puppy is not on a trial basis. It's important to consider all challenges ahead of time and have a plan on how to handle them. It's not like buying a pair of jeans and realize they don't fit and take them back.

When people are making a decision to adopt a puppy, the availibility often plays a large roll in the decision factor. Once the puppies are reserved, they are considered sold. When someone then calls me and asks if I have a female/male available and I tell them "no", they then go elsewhere. Also, some people are fine with having the last puppy, but some people will only place a deposit if there are a few to choose from. It's not fair to have me need to turn people away, only to discover later I actually do have availibility. Those potential adoptees have already gone elsewhere. Additionally, after the puppies are over 8 weeks of age, I often have to lower the price. These are just a few examples as to why I feel it's reasonable to make the deposit non-refundable. If someone does cancel, then I feel it's reasonable to apply the deposit towards the costs of caring for our dogs or advertising.

Rather than an impersonal written application, I'd just like to talk with you and make sure you're ready for the big responsibility of a puppy, then a large dog. Are you physically capable of handling their needs? Do you have a fenced yard for the dog's exercise? etc. Also, I require that all decision making questions are asked before you place a deposit. It's not okay to make a quick emotional decision or to simply reserve a puppy while still deciding. Also, it's necessary to review our ENTIRE website to be familiar with the whole process beforehand as well. Thank you for understanding. I have to turn a lot of people away since I receive more inquiries than availability, so I try to be organized and accurate when telling people of the likelyhood of having a puppy for them, so it's important that deposits received are dedicated and informed families.

Please email, text or call Yvette for current prices.
(619) 609-8274.
You may also text to this number if you prefer.


(Testimonial) "Hi, I just wanted to write you a letter telling you how great Sandy is. We purchased her 4/2013 and am so glad we chose one of your puppies....she is the greatest dog I have ever owned and she is part of the family...she is a healthy, happy, gentle dog...She loves the grandkids and is very attached to both her parents. Favorite toy is a Frisbie, loves her pool floaty and was the easiest dog to kennel train. Never shows aggression and learned quickly to sit, stay, roll over, shake, lay and army crawl. I studied this breed for so long and looked at mulitple different dog breeders. I am very glad we chose TLCgoldendoodles. Thank you, we love our doodle. Can you believe it she weighs 78# and is still a lap baby! Love it!" Shay & Reggie, Proud parents of Sandy

If you live at a distance, it's no problem!

You have the option of flying to San Diego and flying your puppy home with you as carry-on, only if the puppy is 8 weeks old. We have had people come from as far away as Mexico City and Anchorage Alaska, with great results! In this arrangement, you would purchase your ticket yourself and arrange to have your puppy fly as carry-on.

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