Goldendoodle puppies San Diego CA

Hi Yvette, This is Jill O.,
...We had such a great experience purchasing Jake from you and he has brought so much joy to our lives. Thanks again for everything!

(Testimonial) "Hello from San Diego! Arya, daughter of Honey and Sutter, just turned 2 and is the most lovable dog we have ever had. We have so much fun together. As you can see, she is also nearly trained for SAR work (search and rescue) -- something she loves to do. Here we spent the day at Sea World on a Public Relations Event.
Thanks TLC Goldendoodles!"

Will J.

(Testimonial) “We have had our Daphne, daughter of Duke and Duchess for 2 months now! She is a brilliant dog with lots of energy, and LOVES people! We had a great experience communicating and working with Yvette from start to finish in getting our Daphne. We could tell that her and her litter were very well loved and cared for. If we ever happen to get another Goldendoodle, we would 100% go through TLC Goldendoodles again!”

Kristen & Mike from Orange County, CA

The Brown family adores their "Maia" from Ava & Leo (medium F1).
Chelsea & Matt with their adorable "Lincoln", a red standard F1 from Ella and Duke.
Thank you to the Brozowski family for this beautiful pic of their two doodle boys from us.
The Williams family with Daisy

The happy Root family with their new "Rupert" from Nutmeg and Leo.
Sarah and Mike's lovely standard red F1 female "Somi" from Ella and Duke

This is our Bianca from Willow and Duke:

Bella from Nutmeg

Dodger from Nutmeg

William from Nutmeg (60+ lbs.) with hairdo before and after a swim.

Cara loving on baby Marley
Marley at 15 weeks (from Nutmeg)

This is Dalia and her Barkley from Willow. He is 54 lbs., loves to hug people and play ball.

Gianna with her "Biscuit" from Willow.

"Biscuit" from Willow with a giant furry friend.

Biscuit after a bath.

This is Picasso from Willow. He is 65 lbs.

This is Kona, one of Duchess' grown puppies. 49 lbs.

Adorable Stella with Kona.

Reunion get together of families from one of our litters.

Dakota shopping. Beautiful Taylor with her fur baby, Dakota. Duncan taking Dakota swimming and paddle boarding. Taylor says, "Thank you he's been the best little guy ever! He can play dead already! So Smart! He's turned into the cutest doodle we've ever seen (maybe a little bias!). He's happy with him!"

Joan C.'s sons sure love their goldendoodle puppy, Freya. She's 10 months old here.

One of Molly and Duke's full grown puppies from a previous litter:

"Olive and Wally"
We receive so many wonderful testimonials from the happy families that adopt our puppies. Here's a fun one from Jeff & Paula M. who've adopted TWO puppies from us.: "Hello Yvette, ...Just a couple pictures of Wally & Olive. Both dogs are doing great. They sure love the outdoors. I wish I had a tenth of their energy....I sure love these dogs, they are a lot of fun...."
Jeffrey M.

Houston & Karina B.
Addison, TX
Jenn W. has driven to San Diego from Las Vegas TWICE to adopt puppies from us! She has such a beautiful family! It's a joy having our puppies go to homes such as theirs. Now her doggies have play buddies.
(from Cinnamon)
"Hi Yvette, ...I can't tell you how much we love this dog. He is the BEST dog I've ever had. He is so smart and so completely adorable. I post pictures of him on my facebook page a lot and people go crazy for him. One of my friends thinks he is destined to be a famous dog! Several have asked me where I got him..." from Becky C.
From Melissa: "We just love Winnie-she's so sweet and funny. She loves to run and does laps around the backyard. When she's feeling smug, she prances around with her head held high and tail curled up. She knows it's time to come wake me up when Bob puts cream in my coffee, then she'll head for the stairs. She army crawls under our bed to sleep...won't sleep in the doggie bed. She wants to be friends with everyone..." Jenna & her puppy, Winnie
Sy Hi. Hope you are doing well in San Diego. We got Sy from you last Spring. He was one of Honey's pups. Just wanted you to know he is a healthy, Very mischievous happy 72 pounds. Here is a picture. No matter how careful we are, he eats at least one sock per day! However, he sure is cute!

Jeri R, TX
The Timmermans, 2nd place photo contest winners

The Duffners, 1st place photo contest winners

(from Honey)

The Halveys, 3rd place photo contest winners
Chewy Bear
(from Cinnamon)

Chewy Bear

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